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Do you long for the sun, sand, and sea? The Gold Coast is an excellent vacation destination. This incredible city has some of the best beaches globally, such as the iconic Surfers Paradise. 

If you want to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea, this is the place to be. You could even spend the entire day basking in the sun, enjoying the breeze and the breathtaking view of the ocean. Bring your beach umbrella, camp chair, flip-flops, sunscreen, and some lunch and snacks.

Aside from the best beaches, the sunny city offers a wide range of activities for the whole family. World-class theme parks such as Dreamworld, Sea World, and Warner Bros Movie World, as well as water parks such as Wet’n’Wild and Whitewater World, can be found on the Gold Coast. There’s a park for every family, so there’s no need to worry that someone will be left out.

Aside from these, there are some new, exciting, and engaging attractions to try. Have you ever heard of an escape room?

Escape Rooms on the Gold Coast

The online game itself is well-known. However, when the first live escape game opened in Japan in 2007, the game’s popularity skyrocketed. There are now a plethora of escape rooms available all over the world.

There are various types of rooms in which you can be locked. In this room, you escape zombies, while in another, you break out of jail. Whatever you decide, the room mission will be enjoyable. Simultaneously, the experience will help you develop your fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and social skills and improve your memory and relieve stress.

On the Gold Coast, there are several immersive escape rooms that you should not miss.

Padlockd Escape Rooms

Sean Wilson, a self-proclaimed escape room fanatic, opened his escape room in March 2018. Padlockd Escape Rooms is what he called it, and he came up with ideas to make the rooms more immersive, such as sound effects and mood lighting.

Padlockd Escape Rooms currently has the following rooms: Museum Heist, Safe House: Mission 2, The Forbidden Jungle, The Haunted Toy Store, The Abandoned Carnival, The Nightmare, and The Vampire Crypt.

Do you want a slightly austere, family-friendly, and immersive room? Museum Heist has a difficulty rating of 3 out of 5 and involves sneaking into a museum and stealing a forgotten relic worth millions of dollars. You have 60 minutes to complete this task. Doesn’t it sound simple? There is a catch. This room includes a laser maze.

Do you want a scarier room? The Haunted Toy Store has a difficulty rating of 4 out of 5 and is only appropriate for those aged 15 and up. Why? It is, after all, haunted. However, if you want to return this Haunted Toy Store to its former glory, you must do so in 60 minutes. Also, there are jump scares and live actors. That is why this room is known as one of the scariest in the house.

Fox in a Box

The Gold Coast is now home to Europe’s number one escape room. Fox in a Box is an immersive escape room with five rooms: The Bunker, Mastermind: A Heist Story, Prison Break, Prison Break: Head-to-Head, and Zodiac Killer. They will open two rooms in late November: Coming Home and The Other Side. Prepare to enter the Wild West Saloon in the last month of 2021.

Most rooms have a maximum capacity of six players. Some rooms at Fox in a Box can accommodate seven people on request. There are two identical prison rooms in Prison Break. If you choose this option, you can share the Prison Break: Head-to-Head experience with up to 12 other people. You will be divided into two teams and compete to see which team can break out of the prison first.

In Prison Break, you are in a maximum-security prison. Your only option now that all of your appeals have been denied is to flee. A spontaneous riot provides an excellent opportunity.

Strike Bowling Bar

Yes, this is a bowling alley, but it’s not your typical one. At Strike Bowling Bar, there are ten bowling lanes, a 15 person karaoke room, and two escape rooms available.

So, if you want to have a good time with your family, this is the place to go. Get your bowling shoes and socks, warm-up, and find your stance to bowl a strike. Do you want to sing and dance? Strike Bowling Bar has private Karaoke Rooms and a delightful array of proper costumes for your enjoyment. If you get hungry, you can have food delivered to your room.

Yes, at Strike Bowling Bar, you can grab a bite. They offer a delectable menu made up of ingredients sourced from Australian producers and served in environmentally friendly packaging.

If you want a more interactive experience, try their escape rooms. They have two at the moment. The first is The Old Haunt, a simple level suitable for players aged 15 and up. You seek shelter from a storm and come across an old abandoned mansion. However, as you rush inside, the door slams shut, trapping you inside. Can you get away?

Think it’ll be simple? Then try the Alien Invaders pro-level escape room. A UFO collided with your workplace, trapping you inside. Will you be able to save your own life, as well as the human race as a whole? Then book your experience now.

Plan Your Stay

Are you ready to head to the sunny Gold Coast? Then plan your stay early to avoid travel mishaps. First, pick a date and choose an absolute beachfront accommodation Gold Coast.

Here at Viscount on the Beach, they offer beachfront apartments Gold Coast. They have two-bedroom apartments available in standard and superior options as well as superior three-bedroom apartments. All are spacious, modern and fully equipped with amenities you need, not to mention resort facilities you can use during your stay.

Are you ready to visit the beautiful Gold Coast? Then, to avoid travel mishaps, plan your stay ahead of time. First, choose a date and an absolute beachfront Gold Coast accommodation.

Viscount on the Beach provides beachfront apartments Gold Coast. They have standard and superior two-bedroom apartments, as well as superior three-bedroom apartments. All are spacious, modern, and fully equipped with the amenities you require, as well as resort facilities you can use during your stay.

Furthermore, Viscount on the Beach is close to Surfers Paradise Beach and all the above-mentioned thrilling escape rooms. Today is the day to reserve your absolute beachfront gold coast accommodation.




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